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Tyres are important in every car in motion. They give balance to vehicles, but why would people refuse to give this part of a vehicle the attention that it deserves? It’s alarming to see that a high percentage of car owners and drivers
continue to subject themselves to unnecessary delays by road safety workers because of expired tyres. It is even more shocking to realize that this is a major reason for incessant road accidents, yet people continue to take the risk.
Research shows that busy schedules, high prices, and distrust of tyre dealers are what has made people wary and delay in the act of tyre purchase.

GFM tyres is the number one Nigeria’s online tyre store that responds to your need by just a click. We believe that important decisions on tyres to be purchased should be made in the comfort of your private space, without unnecessary fear of being cheated, or shortchanged with a non quality and inferior product. Our prices are affordable, and our products quality guaranteed. We aim to give our customers comfort and reliability when they sit behind the wheels.

We are a company enlightened to one goal that contribute to the society by ensuring safety. Hence, our staffs are trained to counsel the buyers on the right tyre product to suit their vehicles, deliver it to their doorsteps giving them accurate expiry details to prevent havoc and distrust.

The GFM brand is innovate with the mind of every Nigerian car owner and drivers. With GFM, you can confidently boast that you’re making the right choice. We are Nigerian-owned and operated, with a detailed knowledge of the Nigerian driving conditions and industries and we are committed to making you feel safe and confident on the car you drive.

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